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City and district councillor dies her hair with a rainbow for charity

Cllr Sarah Sharp is raising funds for the Chichester Talking Cafe which meets regularly on a Tuesday at Wagtail Coffee and Yoga and for the Twinning Taps charity which buys taps for communities which don’t have access to running water.


Cllr Sharp learnt about Toilet Twinning from St Pancras Church and there are churches, schools in Chichester which have twinned their toilets. The charity has now branched out into tap twinning.


She said: “I wanted to raise money for the tap twinning charity as soon as I heard about this at the beginning of lockdown. I’m not brave enough to shave my hair off and I just love the rainbow image which has kept spirits high during lockdown.


“Seeing rainbows in people’s windows, on street signs or chalked onto pavements has really helped to cheer people up. We are all lucky enough to have our own taps and soap to wash our hands. Fighting this virus in a community where not everyone has clean running water must be the biggest of nightmares.


“Going to the hairdressers’ was sheer pleasure and most relaxing. I would like to thank my hairdressers, Simon and Muriel Martin for their patience and creative skills. I think they had fun sorting out the colours and we are all pleased with the results.


“I just hope that we can raise some funds for these two good causes. Hairdressers are used to listening to people and hearing their stories whilst cutting people’s hair so fundraising for Chi Chats, Chchester’s Talking Cafe seems most appropriate too.”


The next meet-up of the Talking Cafe is on Tuesday August 18 (for on-line version)  and Tuesday, August 25 (for printed copy) in Wagtail Coffee and Yoga and a new morning time on Thursday, August 27, at 9.30am in Crispins on East Street will be starting from next week.


A third session in the early evening will be started soon to cater for those people in work who can only make evening times.


To donate to Cllr Sharp’s fundraising efforts, visit:

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