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Chichester Harbour Conservancy installs new pump out facility

Chichester Harbour Conservancy has installed a new pump out facility to its Itchenor jetty. The pump allows waste water to be quickly and easily drained from vessels directly into the sewage network, where it can then be managed and treated.


The new pump out is available for use by all sailors and boaters in Chichester Harbour, and is free to use all year round.


The project, which upgraded the previous pump out facility, was led by Mike Hayes, lead technician at the conservancy and sponsored by the Friends of Chichester Harbour, who kindly donated £10,692 to fund the installation.


Richard Craven, director and harbour master comments: “This upgraded facility is a very important addition to the Harbour, and we would encourage all of the sailing and boating community to use it to dispose of their waste water responsibly. Maintaining good water quality is an important part of our work to protect Chichester Harbour, and we continue to work closely with the Environment Agency to raise awareness of responsible boat discharge.”


Oliver Chipperfield, chairman of the Friends of Chichester Harbour, added: “Many sailors and boaters are Friends of Chichester Harbour, so we were delighted to support this project which directly benefits this user group. The sailing community is very aware of the importance of water quality and by providing them with this new and improved pump out station we are helping them to protect the environment.”

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