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Last chance to green Whyke

Residents of Whyke in Chichester have been donating to a Gofundme website to pool funds for tree planting in Whyke.  The county council scheme has a deadline of the end of July for planting of street trees.


Cllr Sarah Sharp, city councillor for Chichester South said: “The city council’s tree summit was going to focus on filling the tree gaps in the City but the summit unfortunately had to be postponed due the pandemic.


“I was spurred on by Chichester tree wardens and decided to launch a GoFundme appeal. I am bowled over by over 60 people who have donated .


“This has made possible an incredible 17 trees that will be planted in Whyke both north and south of the railway. There are still a few days left to donate and it would be just incredible if we could reach our goal of £3,000.”


Street trees not only look good, they give oxygen, shade, clean air, reduced flooding, wildlife, improve mental health and well being and they capture carbon.


If you would like to support a tree in Whyke visit: or contact Sarah Sharp on 07789 843556 or


If you would like to donate to the county council scheme for a tree near you, visit:

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