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Bognor Regis bar to remain closed

A popular bar in the High Street in Bognor Regis has not reopened despite the change in restrictions by government.




Staff at TAO in Bognor Regis say they have been inundated with inquiries as to whether or not they would be re-opening on Saturday.




In a statement, owner of TAO, Daniel Slade said that the bar would not reopen, ‘despite the Government’s relaxations’.




Ahead of Saturday’s changes, Mr Slade said: “After in depth discussions with management, staff  and some of our TAO regulars, with feel the current risk to health, this weekend in particular will be substantial and although we are desperate to reopen for our customers and obviously financial reasons, we are not prepared at this time of complete uncertainty and ongoing Covid-19 lock downs within our country, to possibly risk the health of Team TAO and you all.




“We understand there may be some disappointment, but we must also stress that with the current legislation set for pubs and bars to reopen to a reasonable safe standard, (although no guarantee) there are many, many changes that have had to be made and rules to stick to, that we believe will significantly affect the customer experience at TAO and those of venues that have decided to reopen that do stick to the rules.




“We will be looking at the national and local situation and will assess it weekly and will be putting all necessary measures in place so when it it safer and sensible to reopen we will with customer and staff health and saftey at the forefront.”




Mr Slade went on to ask customers to ‘be patient, when we open it will be very gradual and with an abundance of caution, until then, stay safe and don’t be a guinea pig’.



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