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Letter to the editor | Financial consequences

Dear Editor,


The finance director has warned all us ordinary people about the dire financial consequences caused by the virus Lockdown.


Ms. Eberhart (director of finance and support services) said the cost could be £85 million,and only £20.5 million has so far been received from government.


Before she and the new chief executive call for more, I suggest they firstly check and dramatically improve their cost control methods!


Here are just three examples of Council inefficiency or excess which has been at the expense of the public: –

(a). the £ 4 million drained from Reserves to pay compensation to Amey Highways Ltd. This was said to be due to a flaw in the tendering points system to award a big contract. Did any Council manager get carpeted for this failure,as would be expected in the private sector?


(b). the estimated £3 million paid to 21 people at WSCC who all received more than £100k in the 2018-19 tax year. Pension contributions added another 20% to their salaries. Why are they paid so much,and why so many of them?


(c). the £ 2 million in payoffs and redundancy payments to chief officers in the last decade. This was due to chaos in making appointments. Over the 10 disastrous years,70 different chief officers (Directors and above) went through the revolving door at the Council HQ. The top heavy organisation is a great burden and something must be done about it.


I am only scratching the surface. There is a lot more to be investigated. So let us see quick changes before we are told there has to be further cuts in services and another increase in Council Tax.

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