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Rainy weather causes delays to electricity works in the city

Wet weather has caused delays to electricity works in the city centre.


Upgrade works by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to improve and strengthen the resilience of Chichester’s electricity infrastructure are now due to be completed by mid-April.


The delays have been confirmed after recent flooding caused part of the works to be postponed.


The £650,000 investment for the city’s network was due for full completion by the end of March, but as heavy rains have flooded some of the trenches housing the new underground cables, SSEN engineers have had to reschedule this final part of the project to improve power supplies for the area’s 27,000 customers.


The programme of improvement works in Chichester has already seen the upgrade of existing electrical equipment, including three substations, and the refurbishment of the majority of the underground cable network.


SSEN’s project lead, Graham Humpston, said: “Since the start of this project, we have worked closely with the communities, agencies and authorities in Chichester to ensure the minimum of disruption to homes and businesses as we upgrade the city’s network.


“In any project, there will be challenges to overcome and, in this case, it has been the unusually high rainfall we’ve had in the south east over the last few months.


“Safety, of both our colleagues and customers, is always our priority and in this instance, we need to postpone the completion of this project – for a short time only – to maintain our safest working practices.”


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