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Letter to the editor | ‘Was school closure pre-decided?’

Dear Editor,


In Issue 200 (Friday, February 28) you ran a front-page headline saying ‘Was school closure pre-decided?’


This was in response to the discovery of a ‘smoking gun’ email reading “We have begun the process of consulting on the closure of Rumboldswhyke CofE infant school. The leader of the council and the lead member are in agreement to pursue closure quickly”.


When you learn that this was in spring, and the decision was only supposed to be made after the “public consultations” in the autumn, it all sounds pretty pre-decided to me.


However, last Tuesday I had the amazing experience of sitting in a room where council officers brazened it out so well that even I almost believed them. But then I shook myself out of the spell and realised they were essentially claiming “it wasn’t smoking, and it probably wasn’t even a gun”.


I leave readers to decide.


Yours Sincerely
Bill Sharp

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