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Letter to the editor | Please help

Dear Editor


I am writing to you to see if I may get some help and information from any of your readers.


For the last two years I have been trying to contact West Sussex County Council, The Environment Agency and our local West Wittering Parish Council to find out who polices the maintenance of our water courses, ditches and drains. As I understand it, anyone owning land which borders a watercourse, ditch or drain, is responsible for its up keep.


I live in Piggery Hall Lane, West Wittering, where the main field has been flooded for months with the horses, that are kept in the field, having a torrid time of it. We live approximately one and a half miles from the sea and to drop the level of the ditch by a couple of inches takes about a week. Astonishingly, if all the ditches between here and the sea were maintained by the people that own them, it would take less than an hour.


This is my dilemma as the ditch will not do its job if only one owner does not clear and maintain their ditches between me and the sea. This is where I am asking for help. Who is responsible for policing the maintenance of the ditches and drains?


As the weather does not seem to be relenting, because of global warming, we should all be actively doing our utmost to mitigate these issues caused by drains and ditches not being maintained.


I would be most grateful if any of your readers are able to help me.


Yours sincerely


Peter Gimbel
Piggery Hall Lane
West Wittering

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