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Letter to the editor | National Women’s Day celebrates its 60-year anniversary

Dear Editor


National Women’s Register (NWR) celebrates its 60-year anniversary.


The Chichester group is delighted to be joining the national diamond anniversary celebrations for the National Women’s Register this year. Our group, and many others throughout the UK, was established following an article in The Guardian “Squeezed like Sardines in Suburbia”. This article prompted Maureen Nicol to write a letter in response, which was published on February 26, 1960.


It contained a plea for women to get together to combat loneliness and be free to talk about subjects other than family matters. As a result, groups of the, then titled, National Housewives Register, were established nationwide, with the strapline of being for “lively minded women”.


Despite the organisation’s new name, and significant changes in women’s working lives over the past 60 years, we continue to enjoy meeting, away from the pressures of family and working lives.


Firm bonds of friendship have been formed over many years. However, the group dynamics are ever changing with new members always welcomed. NWR can be a good way to meet like-minded women, whether new to an area or, perhaps, seeking new friends. While the “housewives” may have moved on, the group continues to offer mentally stimulating and enjoyable activities. This friendship goes a long way to help combat loneliness and isolation, both of which remain a key concern in today’s society.


The Chichester group meets monthly to discuss anything from global warming to chocolate. We also enjoy outings and other events in between meetings, including visits to galleries, walks and picnics.


If you are interested in finding out more, please mention the Chichester group and call the national office on 01603 406767, or email:


Yours Sincerely


Anna Bloomfield
Local Organiser, Chichester NWR

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