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Letter to the editor | Keeping busy

Dear Editor




A) Go round your house, garden, car, shed and list all the jobs you have been putting off doing such as sorting, clearing, cleaning
B) Divide the list into wet and dry weather or daylight/evening jobs
C) Make a game of it by setting your egg timer (or 21st century equivalent) for 15 minutes and seeing what you can do in that time to beat the clock. Stop at the end of the time, pat yourself on the back and do a different but “put off” 15 minute job. Intersperse the jobs till they are done if you want, but make sure you change body use activity. It will surprise you how much you can achieve but not exhaust yourself.


Have a giggle


A) If you are watching TV, use the five minute advertisement break or change of programme time to run up stairs or down the garden to fetch something or jump on your exercise bike if you have one


B) Ease your stiff joints (such as neck, shoulder ,back, knees or ankles). Start small and write the letters of the alphabet in the air increasing in size as you go but not causing yourself pain.


For example, for your upper neck, use your nose but your chin for lower neck. For your lower back, stand and lean back against a wall and write with your buttocks. Invent new places to stretch or dance to TV background music


Have fun and another giggle.


Yours sincerely,
Liz Andrews

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