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Letter to the editor | Hays branch in South Street

Dear Editor,


I am sorry to see the former Thomas Cook branch in East Street close. They always gave me very good service, but after the takeover by Hays it was inevitable.


However, I regret that the Hays branch in South Street will not be getting my custom. Why ?


I am disabled and cannot get into the shop with my mobility scooter because of the steps, and the staff tell me that the council will not allow alterations to the entrance, which I find difficult to believe.


I could get into the Thomas Cook premises and that is why they got my business in the first place.


Come on Hays ,and other businesses in the city with a similar problem, think of all the business you could be losing because you can’t get the people with wheelchairs into your premises.


Yours Sincerely
Trevor Bennett
East Wittering

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