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Best-selling author talks at city college about self-harm

Statistics say that one in five of 14-year-old girls self-harms.


Kim McCabe, founder of Rites for Girls, is currently on her national book tour which is selling out at every venue.


She visited Chichester College recently to talk to parents and staff about her book ‘From Daughter to Woman’, about parenting girls safely through their teens.


More than 200 people went to the college to hear Kim talk to parents about raising girls safely through their teens. Mental health issues and suicide awareness are at the front of public consciousness right now, with the recent death of Caroline Flack.


One parent who attended the talk said: “I went to a talk about parenting teens last night. Kim, who presented the talk, was truly inspiring, you can hear that she really loves teenagers, and understands them and how their brains work.


“She gave us three top tips for staying in connection with our teenage girls, and really listening to what is going on for them. The tips were all relevant for boys, too. I bought a copy of her book, and I’ve almost finished it already.”


Kim spoke passionately about how using a small number of simple techniques can help to make a girl’s journey towards adulthood safer, kinder and better supported. Parents were able to leave the event equipped with ideas they could put into practise immediately.


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