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Students take comfort at uni with the help of therapy dogs

Countless students visited four therapy dogs in the library at Chichester University last Thursday.


Alexandra Hughes, owner of Evie, a Pets as Therapy dog, from Bracklesham, said she did not even get to drink her coffee due to the amount of fuss and attention for the fox red labrador.


She said: “We made sure the dogs had water and rested if needed, allowing students to be close to them while they lay on their mats.


“It was very worthwhile and rewarding and we made new friends. One student was very upset as she had a family bereavement and said she found stroking Evie very comforting and healing.”


All the dogs which visited the university were popular and had lots of cuddles. Some students were from other countries studying in Chichester said they missed their dogs so the visit from Therapy Dogs Nationwide made them smile and helped them a lot.


Due to the success of the visit, the student union staff have invited the group back on Thursday, March 5, and to the Bognor Regis campus in the near future.


Therapy Dogs Nationwide bring comfort, companionship, happiness and joy visiting various establishments including hospitals, hospices, residential and nursing homes, care centres, special needs and mainstream schools and prisons.


For more information on the dogs and the work they do, visit:

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