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Mundham pupil Alexandria happy to see book in print

By Kelly Wickham


Chichester resident Alexandria Brown has had her first book published at just ten years old.


Alexandria has (with a little help from her mother, Christine) written a series of six books, the first of which, titled ‘Gem masters search for the unicorns tears’ was published on Monday last week.


The book series follows a young girl called Lara, whose mother has disappeared. She unlocks many secrets as she searches for her missing mum, and finds herself wrapped up in fantasy and danger.


“I enjoy writing and when you get lots of ideas in your head you need to get them on paper and out of your brain,” said Alexandria.


“My mum is an author and she encouraged me to follow my dream of getting published. I love to read and my favourite books are The Hunger Games and The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe, which have strong women in them, but I found it hard to find books with strong girls in them that were my age.


“I decided to make up my own story and put in the character of Lara. She is inspired by Lyra, from His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. I wanted a strong-willed little girl who didn’t need other people to solve her problems for her. Just like me.


Alexandria lives in Hunston in Chichester and attends North Mundham Primary School.


This is a book written by females, illustrated by a woman, published by a woman and which has a very strong, determined young lady as its main character.


This is a story Alexandria felt she couldn’t find on the library bookshelves and she wanted to read about a character her age who is capable and needs no one to help her to achieve her goals, a character unafraid of hard work and ready to step up to do what has to be done.


“It is very exciting to see my book in print. I guess I never really imagined it would happen, I mean, I am only ten years old and no one really listens to kids,” added Alexandria.


“The Gem Master books are full of adventure and amazing animals that you could never imagine, it was a lot of work to make up an entire world but we had help from my dad, who is very good at imagining landscapes and putting them on paper.


“But the best thing is that these books prove that with the right attitude and the strength to keep going, anyone can achieve their dreams.


“I would love to see this as a television series, I think it would be amazing. It is a wish I make every day, but If you are going to wish for things then you might as well wish big.

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