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Letter to the editor | Road surfaces

Dear Editor,


I would like to voice my concern over the road surface on the following roads: Clay Pitt Lane, Kennel Hill and Town Lane.


My daily commute to Midhurst takes me on all three of these roads and the pot holes and the road surface is horrendous.


I can’t believe that around some of Chichester’s best attractions, the golf course, racecourse and motor circuit, the roads visitors and commutes have to endure is so bad.


The depth of the potholes, particularly on Kennel Hill, is abominable and before long will lead to a serious accident or damage to people’s vehicles.


Combine this with the almost completely eroded white lines and it means vehicles in the morning are all over the road in the pitch black trying to avoid potholes and due to the lack of lines don’t stay on their side of the road.


Perhaps you can get this message to those in the know and I’m sure others must feel the same, or be experiencing it. Something must be down to rectify this sad state of affairs.


I’d also just like to say what a great little paper this is and I particularly enjoy the comprehensive sports coverage.


Yours sincerely
Tom Chaplin

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