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Letter to the editor | Redrow site

Dear Editor


Suggestions have been asked for names for the roads leading to all the new houses that are being built on the Redrow site to the south of the Chichester bypass.


My husband remembers that there was a substantial farmhouse on what became the gravel pit. He believes it to have been called Drayton Manor.


It had very attractive outer buildings with arched doorways, but sadly was left empty for a while and raided for building materials so demolished when gravel was being extracted.


Historically, it would be good to use any names associated with the history of the area including field names.


As far as we can ascertain, there are no photographs of the complex and no-one who remembers how it was farmed.


Thought there may be some information within your readership with images or knowledge that could be represented in the current use of the land.


Kind regards


Susanne Hague

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