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Letter to the editor | Little London car park

Dear Editor


With reference to the proposal to close Little London car park in favour of a permanent market site, the market meets twice a week and other markets at random times.


Part of the reasoning for the change is for cleaner air. For whom? Most of the surroundings are businesses.


These rely heavily on the proximity of car parking for trade, particularly Marks and Spencer, where there is a continuous movement of loaded trolleys. If the car park is closed, are these customers to be expected to trundle through other shoppers over poorly maintained pedestrian areas to other parking sites?


How many would return their trolleys? This would lead to a member of staff having to collect, probably in quantity.


Part of the problem, I feel, is the fact that many motorists do not enter the car park until they see someone leave without knowing if there are any empty spaces waiting for them. Elsewhere, other car parks have signs giving space information.


Yours Sincerely


Tony Fryer
Whistler Avenue

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