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Letter to the editor | Little London car park

Dear Editor


I cannot believe that Chichester District Council is even considering closing Little London car park and instead allowing the market to take place on a couple of days a week. I appreciate the situation with air pollution on busy days, but surely this only shows how much this car park is needed.


I use this car park on a weekly basis, enjoying the town centre and getting my weekly shopping in Marks and Spencer. The convenience of taking my car and parking here is invaluable as I cannot carry heavy bags any great distance due to my age.


The alternative is to park in the multi- storey and walk to town and then drive my car all around the north side of Chichester to be able to access M&S from the back to collect my shopping. Surely this is also going to pollute our city.


I have spoken to one of the managers of M&S today and they say that if the car park is closed to traffic it is very likely they would not be able to stay open. Is this what our council really wants right now? Surely we should be encouraging stores to stay open and keep the centre vibrant, particularly for elderly people who still want good access to the centre of our beautiful city.


Yours sincerely,


Leonie Rogan
West Wittering

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