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Letter to the editor | Council tax

Dear Editor


If I weren’t frantically busy trying to earn a living, I, too, would’ve written echoing Peter Hill’s view that council taxpayers in rural areas are outrageously short-changed – particularly galling since reading of hyper-generous council officials’ salaries and perks.


It’s our money! Our money is lavished on the city, but apart from refuse collection and the occasional pothole filled, virtually nothing is spent on us.


The planning department is intent on ruining our lives and environment with vast amounts of new-build and totally inappropriate, stinking, industrial-sized pig farming.


Our idyllic rural schools are threatened; already inadequate bus services are cut; traffic-calming in seriously perilous single track lanes with a 60mph speed limit? As if! Entertainment? Despite our world class AmDram, we have to raise money to shore up the village hall.


The Post warned us that, again, council tax will increase – and I am, again, considering whether to refuse payment.


For decades, reports say that. though likely to be on low incomes, rural dwellers pay at least as much tax as urbanites, yet get 50 per cent less spent on them.


Will justice ever prevail?


Yours sincerely
C. Francis
East Ashling

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