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Letter to the editor | Art supplies shop

Dear Editor,


Mover and shaker Chichester prides itself on being a ‘prestigious’ cultural hub, so why isn’t there a proper art supplies shop for the area’s hundreds of happy daubers and professional


Like far too many shops in central Chichester, after a couple of decades of providing a good range of art materials, the late lamented Coln Gallery folded because of extortionate rental charges.


Should business property rental charges be capped?


I don’t want to buy online – I can’t see true colours and hate the proliferation of packaging and delivery costs – but have no option.


I’m exhibiting the usual eclectic mix of portraiture (human and animal), landscapes, the occasional ‘me having fun’ abstract, etc, in the Oxmarket Centre of Arts, until March 8.


Kind regards


Anne Chadwick
West Stoke

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