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Upgrade works to electricity in city

By Kelly Wickham


Upgrade works by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to improve Chichester’s electricity system have restarted again after a Christmas break.


Nearly £650,000 is being invested in the city’s network to ensure a stronger power supply for its 27,000 customers.


SSEN engineers halted work over the festive season to avoid possible disruption to residents and businesses.


Now, the project to upgrade existing electrical equipment – including three substations and refurbishment of the underground cable network – restarted on Monday.


Preparatory works including mapping slabs and setting out barriers began ahead of the main works that will take place in St Martin Square and East Street over the next ten weeks.


Parking restrictions are applying in St Martin Square Monday, March 30, but there will be no restrictions affecting East Street and access will remain open for businesses and residential properties.


SSEN’s project lead, Graham Humpston said: “Chichester is a thriving cathedral city and, as a considerate constructor, SSEN was very aware that the festive period is an important time for both business owners and residents.


“With this in mind, we planned our works’ schedule to ensure that we didn’t cause any disruption, and had agreed with local authorities and stakeholders to clear away any works in the weeks running up to Christmas before starting the project again in the first week of January.”


Network reliability is a key priority for SSEN and the customers its serves. Following a series of engagements with its customers, SSEN took the decision to make the investment in Chichester to further improve network resilience, and future-proof its infrastructure for customers’ changing demands. This is part of SSEN’s commitment to taking a ‘you said, we did’ approach to investing in its vital infrastructure.


While SSEN does not anticipate any interruptions to the power supply during the remaining ten weeks of the work, it is aware that people can feel vulnerable when their electricity goes off, especially during severe weather and customers can join the priority services register (PSR) if they are deaf or hard of hearing, have a disability, live with children under five, are blind or partially sighted, have a chronic illness, use medical equipment/aids reliant on electricity or are over 60.


To find out more about the PSR, call 0800 294 3259.


For more information on all the support available from SSEN, and for helpful advice on preparing for and dealing with a power cut, visit

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