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St Wilfrid’s sky dive

Want to learn how to fly? For the first time St Wilfrid’s is offering a tandem skydive at 15,000 feet, offering you a whole minute of free fall experience in which to enjoy the view.


The jumps takes place at Salisbury with GoSkyDive on Saturday, March 7, or Sunday, July 19.


This is the UK’s specialist for first timers and the only skydiving centre offering a simulated training session before your skydive. If you raise enough sponsorship you can also jump for free.


Hayley Mills remembers jumping in 2019. She said: “Last year, having lost my dad with St Wilfrid’s I remember he made me promise I would be brave and have new adventures. When this skydive came up I knew I had a promise to keep.


“It was such a surge of adrenaline, time passed quickly but also seemed to keep still somehow. I had a clearer head than I had had in months!


“After pulling the cords I got to steer us a bit and we gently spiraled gently around through a cloud. All I could see was white, I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face but felt the cloud like it was steam all around me.


“I was glowing for days and days afterward. I was so proud to have honoured the promise I made to my Dad. I definitely came down a different person in a good way.”


If you’re ready to take the leap visit St Wilfrid’s GoSkyDive charity page at: to sign up.

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