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School sets up wellbeing hub

A wellbeing hub at Draper’s Yard has been created by an independent school.


Great Ballard school in Eartham is a pioneering school for the iSpace and iWonder wellbeing programmes which focus on teaching children to understand and manage their emotions, promoting emotional wellbeing.


The wellbeing hub in Draper’s Yard in The Hornet features work from pupils across the school on various topics such as stress, emotions, physical health and online safety.


A ‘niggle’ box has been added to the exhibition, encouraging visitors to engage in a cathartic exercise by writing down something that is perhaps causing them stress or anxiety, ripping it up and posting it into the box.


After this, visitors are encouraged to write on a separate sheet something that they are grateful for and post it in the box.


Preparing children emotionally is considered just as important by Great Ballard School as preparing children academically for the life ahead of them and iSpace is not the only programme in place.


As a school, Great Ballard has a firm belief in the benefits of outdoor learning and play to the physical development, mental health and wellbeing of children. The school is helped by being situated within the South Downs National Park and International Dark Skies Reserve.


It also provides a Forest School programme to children from nursery upwards and many learning support lessons take place outdoors, using natural materials to learn and improve new


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