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Midhurst air quality

Chichester District Council’s cabinet have declared an air quality management area at Rumbolds Hill, in Midhurst.


Air quality monitoring data has identified the need for an air quality action plan to help reduce the level of nitrogen dioxide in the area. Declaring an air quality management area is a key step towards achieving this.


The declaration follows a public consultation and means the council will now work on producing an air quality action plan, listing measures that can be taken to help reduce air pollution.


“Enhancing air quality in the district is a key priority for the council, and declaring an air quality management area at Rumbolds Hill is just one of the steps we are taking to help protect our district’s environment,” says Cllr Penny Plant, cabinet member for the environment.


“The creation of a new air quality action plan for Rumbolds Hill will outline options and actions aimed at improving air quality in the area.”

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