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Letter to the editor | WSCC pay off

Dear Editor,


The BBC gave top coverage to the scandalous pay off given to West Sussex County Council’s  former chief executive, who should have been sacked without any compensation after the Coughlan Report was received.


Nathan Elvery rode back across the Surrey border with £330,000 of our money stuffed in his saddlebags!


The current issue of Private Eye has awarded him the title of ‘King of the Gravy train’.


He had previously been given £47,500 for removal to Chichester which never took place!


The actions of the county council from the time Elvery was appointed are being investigated in considerable detail.


I urge readers to email the county council’s monitoring officer, Tony Kershaw, director of law and assurance, at: as follows: ‘I protest that West Sussex County Council gave Mr Elvery a total of £330,000 of public money instead of sacking him.’


Yours sincerely


Roman Way, Chichester

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