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Letter to the editor | Lidl

Dear Editor


I am very concerned about the entrance/exit to the new Lidl on Westhampnett Road, opening on February 13, and just 30m from the Sainsbury’s roundabout.


There will be traffic problems and I question whether the planning has been thought through?


There is always a traffic problem around the Portfield area, at times exiting the Portfield Retail Centre car park can take ten minutes (another ill -thought out traffic exit).


This Lidl entrance/exit will only exacerbate the traffic congestion in the area.


About 80 per cent of the time there is a queue to the roundabout, going east on Westhampnett Road, which would straddle the entrance. Traffic also backs up from the roundabout towards Chichester centre, also passing the Lidl entrance. Entering and exiting Lidl will create far greater disruption in the area.


If ‘Keep Clear’ markers are placed at the entrance/exit this will make matters worse – virtually stopping traffic and any gaps filled by cars exiting Lidl.


Entry to Lidl could have been made North of the store to Barnfield Drive.


I think this foreseen problem is worthy of a journalistic investigation.


Best Regards
Peter Vining

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