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Letter to the editor | Election

Dear Editor


A headline in the Post on December 20, labels Chichester as a ‘true blue city’. This is misleading.


Anyone who has attended a count, whether for a general or local authority election, will have noticed that the city itself does not inevitably vote Conservative, certainly not by a large margin.


It is only when the votes come in from the rural areas that the big majority mounts up. The results of the city council elections in May 2019 with its rainbow mix of yellow, red and green and only two blue councillors are evidence of this.


So also is the evidence from the make-up of the nine district councillors for the city wards with only two Conservatives surviving the 2019 election.


The citizens of Chichester are a more diverse bunch than the solid blue bloc of popular imagination.


Yours Sincerely,
Liz Campling
Orchard Avenue

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