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Letter to the editor | Build A Better A27

Dear Editor,


Gavin Barrett wrote in a letter published in Issue 191 – December 27, saying: “I am delighted to see Mrs Gillian Keegan safely returned as our MP. The Build A Better A27 process, in which I participated throughout, was opaque and driven in the shadows by a small clique of south-of-Chichester interests regardless of the greater good.”


Once again, Mr Barrett does not abide by the Build a Better A27 (BABA27) charter that he signed, which among other things, stated: ‘To the greatest degree possible take collective responsibility for any decisions made.’


In particular, as a northern resident, he perpetuates the north south divide. I am a proud southern Manhood resident and all I ask for is a transparent and open consultation to deliver the right bypass for Chichester.


I am therefore surprised at his letter stating that we should once again only press for the online options that were resoundly rejected in 2016.


He then states: “Yet more years of wrangling and discredit to the political system in West Sussex.”


I would remind him that both Chichester District Council and West Sussex County Council endorsed the decisions of the BABA27 transparent process preferring the mitigated northern route.


More importantly, I will be ensuring that Mrs Keegan keeps to her manifesto promise of getting “an all options consultation on the A27.”


Failure to do this will ensure that we are in the same place we where in 2016 when Highways England failed to consult on the best option for Chichester. including offline northern options.


This is the only way to resolve our local impasse and get local agreement.

Your sincerely
Mr Mike Dicker

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