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Letter to the editor | So where did that pot of money go?

Dear Editor,


I write in support of Rupert Emerson’s piece in the Chichester Post (Issue 187 – November 29).


How sad that so much volunteer effort, over so many years, has produced no discernible improvement in the safety for sustainable transport.


It is scandalous that all these years since the old A27 trunk road between Chichester and Emsworth became down-graded and renamed the A259, that the cycling provision is still so atrocious.


We understand a considerable pot of the then Department of Transport (DfT) money was earmarked specifically for a proper, safe, segregated cycle route – ChEmRoute – when the new dual-carriageway was opened in the 1980s.


ChEmRoute forms part of National Cycle Route 2 from Dover to the West Country. It also links to Centurion Way – National Cycle Route 88, linking Chichester and the Coast with South Downs National Park.


The DfT became the Highways Agency and is now Highways England. So where did that pot of money go? We don’t know, but what we do know is there has been a long campaign, including through the volunteers of the Chemroute group.


So now, nearly a year into the Chemroute feasibility study, is there any progress? I believe the consultants were provided with the plans drawn up, years previously, by the volunteer Chemroute group:


Meanwhile, the most-used section of ChEmRoute – the Fishbourne Road and Westgate length – was taken out of the Chemroute feasibility study because Westgate is part of the S106* off-site infrastructure plan for the Whitehouse farm development. Two off-site infrastructure steering group meetings have been held at County Hall this year, but the process is somewhat hamstrung due to the district council having previously giving indicative approval for the Whitehouse developer’s plans for Westgate.


Philip Maber

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