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Letter to the editor | Gillian Keegan

Dear Editor,


I am delighted to see Mrs Gillian Keegan safely returned as our MP.


The Build A Better A27 process, in which I participated throughout, was opaque and driven in the shadows by a small clique of south-of-Chichester interests regardless of the greater good. That must not be allowed to happen again.


Chichester’s economy is fragile, partly due to the high rents charged to retailers by the district council and The Cathedral Chapter, among others, and partly due to the profound weakness of public transport, both rail and bus networks.


A bypass would do exactly what it says – allow thousands to bypass the economy of Chichester and deliver their purchasing power to Worthing, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton instead, it’s simple economics.


It is much to be desired that Mrs Keegan, as our representative at Westminster, will work to ensure that resources are only sought to upgrade the extant in-line A27 route. Anything else will open up the prospect of yet more years of wrangling and discredit to the political system in West Sussex.


Yours sincerely
Gavin Barrett
Summersdale, Chichester

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