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Hornet petition

City motorists are being urged to sign a petition to move a set of traffic lights.


Cllr Jamie Fitzjohn has been campaigning for the Hornet traffic lights and is urging people to continue to sign the petition to remove the lights.


The pedestrian crossing at Market Avenue and St Pancras was moved when planning permission was granted for a convenience store in Unicorn House. However, Sainsbury’s pulled out of the move and it opened as a restaurant, Giggling Squid.


Market Avenue is the busiest traffic lights pedestrian crossing in the whole of West Sussex. Every 30 seconds out of a minute, the lights are red. Since the re-sighting of the lights, motorists are unable to turn into St Pancras Road or go straight across to East Street.


Kay Mawer, owner of Clothkits, in Draper’s Yard, in The Hornet, said she has had to purchase an air purifier for her and her staff due to pollution from the increase in traffic.


To sign the petition visit:

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