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Last week I mentioned that I have just spent some time in the USA on several training courses.


I always like to keep myself up to date with the latest research and information regarding health, so I can share with you all as much as possible. It means so much to me when I receive emails from you, the readers, saying how much I have helped you on your health path this year.


I know the world of health and nutrition can be a minefield sometimes, and it’s hard to know what to trust. There are things that are trendy at times, and then suddenly, things go bad because maybe a person gets sick from a popular diet.


Having had over 12 years of clinical experience now, I can say with conviction, there is nothing faddy about health.


For example, in some cases, I think fasting works, but you have to know what you are doing so you are getting the correct nutrients to support yourself. But I also think the best diet is what nature has given us. Fresh, whole, organic (if possible) foods, including spices and superfoods that are going to help reduce inflammation and increase your immunity. Plus, the correct hydration is essential, as is meditation, yoga and exercise. If you wish for vibrant health and want to keep those happy hormones pumping and the mind balanced, then you need to include all of the above!


There’s no fast track, no easy pill, just good old-fashioned dedication and motivation.


Over the last few weeks I have learned so much more about this incredible energetic health test I have been training with for my new business in the USA. It’s called a Qest4 and I honestly feel like this technology should be in every hospital, doctor’s surgery and wellbeing centre. It’s insane what it can show up about a person’s health picture, and its non-invasive and as far as I can see, powerfully accurate. This is the basic explanation of the test:


The body is made of energy matter. As we go through life, we get blockages, either through toxins, deficiencies, emotional traumas etc. and we get depleted, or stuck and sometimes the disease process begins.


The Qest4 simply detects where those challenges/blockages are in the body, reading the energy flows, (in a similar way to acupuncture) and works on releasing those blockages to allow the body to re-balance, and help return to homeostasis (balanced health). With nutrition and energy balancing, it’s such a powerful tool to help keep the body in the best condition possible, and/or help where disease/blockages are already present. Of course, we come up against environmental and internal challenges all the time, but this device helps diminish those issues and give the body its own power and energy back. Using the energetic drops and laser treatment that each person gets individually is incredibly powerful and can sometimes work within minutes, with regards everyday and sometimes troublesome ailments such as pain, imbalanced hormones, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, muscle and bone deficiencies, digestive and bowel challenges, etc. The list is endless.


But now I have learned something even more amazing…


Surrogate testing: This means I can now test remotely. Wherever you are in the world I can test you without having to be with you. This is the most incredible thing I have experienced as a practitioner. For years I have travelled around the world seeing clients for an array of disease and issues, but I can test you wherever you are now. No travelling needed.


If you are interested in having your health checked and getting your own energetic remedy and specific nutritional programme to help get your health back into balance, then now is your chance.


I am offering my first 50 clients for this brand-new technology (To Me) remote testing for £89. All you need to do is contact me via email or through my website and I will send to your address a sample kit for you to put in all that I need.


As always, this works on a first come first serve basis, so contact me as soon as you are ready to get your test arranged.


Have a fantastic new year, and together let’s get your health in tip-top shape for 2020!

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