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Health | Keep well this Christmas with top ten vitamin foods
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Having just returned from the most fantastic week in the USA, I have so much to share with you all over the coming weeks. I have learned massive amounts of the latest health information, met the most incredible people and feel even more inspired now to share ‘all things health’ than ever before.


If you want to stay happy and healthy during this festive period, then listen up.


We all know how important vitamin C is, but do you really know how important getting this essential nutrient is? It’s a powerful antioxidant, helps maintain blood vessels and cartilage, and is thought to lower cancer risk. If you feel jaded after a few too many Christmas bubbles, then loading up on your vitamin C could just be the trick to perkier skin and brighter eyes, giving the illusion of glowing health!


Buying a vitamin C powder is a good idea to keep you on top of the game this time of year. Personally, I like Bio-care products, and the vitamin C powder also contains magnesium which helps to keep your body calm and relaxed. If you really want to cover all ‘health challenges’ this time of year, a B12 liquid supplement could also be super helpful. Add them both to half a glass of water, drink daily (for about six weeks) and off you go!


But don’t just rely on supplements. You can get such a great supply of everything you need in the foods that you choose. Here are my top ten best natural foods to drench your beautiful bodies in one of the best vitamins that keeps us well….


High vitamin C foods to include daily in your diets:


Guavas – not only does this fruit have high levels of vitamin C, it also contains Manganese, which helps the body absorb other key nutrients from the food that we eat. The potassium in Guavas also helps normalise blood pressure.


Kiwifruit – high in vitamin C, this Chinese gooseberry boosts wound-healing, helps maintain bowel health and gives you a kick of antioxidants to take you through the harshest of winters!


Bell peppers – a cup of chopped bell peppers contains nearly three times more vitamin C than an orange. They also contain high amounts of vitamin A to protect your eyes, too!


Strawberries – helping boost your heart and bran health, this delicious fruit offers a potent mix of vitamin C, flavonoids, folate and antioxidants. Snack on these all day long.


Oranges – the classic vitamin C fix, oranges make up a significant portion of your daily needs. Juice or eat three oranges a day for your skin, eye, heart and immune protection.


Papaya – anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and high in calcium, potassium, and vitamin A. Yummy as a daytime snack!


Broccoli – add to every dish, have raw or lightly steamed. Loaded with fibre, antioxidants, iron and vitamin C, this power food vegetable helps build strong bones and reduces blood pressure.


Brussel sprouts – everywhere in the supermarkets at the moment, so take advantage of their goodness. You may not love them, but these little green balls are loaded with fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Kale – boosting wellbeing, this chlorophyll rich vegetable is so high in vitamin C and iron, having at least a handful daily will add to the best immune protection possible.
– Snow peas – rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, C and K this is a vegetable you cannot do without. High in fibre and folate, snow peas help prevent inflammation, cancer, heart disease, scurvies and digestive issues. Snow peas can make a delicious and quick snack for your Christmas guests…what should you do with them?


Have them as a raw snack with carrots, cucumber and home-made humous! Simply chop both the top and bottom tale off and then remove the stringy bit at the sides. Serve with your favourite dips.


Quick steam – they only need about three minutes over boiling water. Add them to any dish or eat on their own drizzled in olive oil and chilli flakes.


You could even satisfy your sweet tooth with cooked snow peas and carrots topped with honey. Pop into the oven for 25 mins and roast. Try adding some sesame seeds for more texture.


Fried rice and snow peas, with broccoli and leeks make a delicious quick stir-fry. Add Himalayan salt, fresh garlic and ginger for a zingy, quick healthy meal.


And now I have my online shop, you can order your superfoods/supplements to take you through these winter months and give you the energy you deserve this Christmas!


I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the most fantastic, happy and healthy Christmas, and thank you for all your wonderful support and love over the last year. I receive so many lovely emails from my regular readers, and it truly inspires me to give you the best information I can, knowing that I am helping to steer some of you in the right ‘health’ direction! Happy Christmas to you all.

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