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Health | Fight winter with the help of kelp
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I am all about the superfoods when it comes to the winter months. Dose yourself up on natural substances for all round immune and health protection.


I say it all the time, but the reason I love superfoods, such as Spirulina, Bee pollen, Maca, beetroot powder etc, for myself, my family and my clients, is because the body recognises these products as a food, and when bought as powders they take very little effort to digest.


This means the energy is saved for your lovely body to absorb. Your body will recognise what it needs and naturally dispel the rest- just as nature intended.


You can add them to your water, your green smoothies, or even in your soups, but they give you a health kick like no other. Offering an array of multi-vitamins and minerals, these little super powders can keep your immune system as happy as can be.


Trust me, you need that added protection this time of year. I was standing in a shop queue only this week being coughed all over. Yikes!


Kelp is one of the many superfoods I would recommend. The benefits of kelp have been known for centuries. It absorbs vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes from seawater as it grows, which it converts into a form that the human body can digest. It is rich in antioxidants, like vitamin A and E, and essential minerals like iron and calcium.


So what can it be used for and what are the benefits of kelp?




Kelp is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin A, C, and E. These vitamins help to fight free radicals that build up as a result of oxidative stress. So, the addition of kelp into your diet can help you detox and prevent health problems while also making you feel rejuvenated.


Immune booster


Studies have shown that the rich nutrient value in kelp, especially vitamin C, can help to support our immune system.


Skin health


The vitamin C in kelp helps support collagen formation, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Kelp also contains minerals like zinc and selenium which can also support the health of your skin, helping you to stay young and vibrant looking!!


Salt replacement


Kelp is high in iodine (one serving a day would be enough) so it a good replacement for salt, especially if you’re on a diet for high blood pressure and need to reduce or restrict your sodium intake.


Women’s health


Iron, potassium, and calcium are important for women during menstruation and pregnancy. Kelp extract is rich in all three of these essential minerals and also contains large amounts of folic acid.


So it is the perfect, plant-based source of nutrients for women in all stages of life.


I am so happy to announce that finally, on my website, I have got a shop with all these lovely superfoods in. I have been talking about these superfoods for years, so my shop should have happened a long time ago. Better late than never.


Just to let you know, I am choosing my products very carefully and each day we will be adding a few more, but these things take time and I want to make sure that I am offering the most authentic, organic products available.


Also, my trial health tests on my brand new Qest4 machine are going fantastically well. In the last few days alone, it has picked up enlarged prostates, ovarian cysts, heart issues, hormone imbalances, arthritis, inflammation and skin ailments. It shows me if the body is deficient and how to correct this.


The detail is amazing. I am going to continue to run these tests, as it’s important for me to see as many people as possible due to the new business venture we are setting up in NYC at the start of next year.


My usual consultation fees have been £250, but in the Chichester clinic only, I am going to offer these appointments for a full energetic health check for £140 for the first few months of 2020. Just email me to book your 1.5 hour consultation.

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