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Hats off to Gillian Keegan for her Brexmas vote win in true blue city

Gillian Keegan got into the festive spirit after the announcement was made that she won the Chichester seat in the general election.


The Tory candidate said she rose above the personal attacks during her election campaign and held her seat in the city with 57.8 per cent of the votes.


Mrs Keegan, who won with 35,402 votes, said in her speech that winter elections were challenging for voters, candidates and election officials.


She said: “I would like to thank my fellow candidates for the campaign they have conducted, here in the Chichester constituency.


“In particular, I would like to thank Heather from the Green Party and my Labour opponent, Jay, both of whom have fought vigorous and effective campaigns on the issues, without feeling the need to descend into personal attacks or sneers in their election literature or on social media.


“They can rightly be proud of their campaigns and the way in which they conducted themselves and this is what the people of Chichester expect of people who seek to represent them.


“While personal attacks are difficult to deal with, I think Michelle Obama got it right when she said, ‘When they go low, we go high’.”


In second place, Liberal Democrats’ Dr Kate O’Kelly said she was absolutely delighted with the result.


She said: “We are really pleased. Our vote share was 11.3 per cent in 2017 and we have taken it up to 22.7 per cent so we have doubled it.


“This is fantastic and it builds on what we have done in the European elections and the May local elections and we have really shown that Liberal Democrats are a really good option in this


Dr O’Kelly claimed she did not take Mrs Keegan’s words (in thanking only the Labour and Green party candidates for avoiding personal attacks) personally.


She said: “We were in this election to win. We fought on the issues and we know the community are looking for the MP to lead on some of these issues and some of them have not been addressed and we pointed that out.”


Jay Morton, for the Labour Party, came in third and said the result was not too unexpected.


She said: “We were hoping to retain second place and we worked as hard as we could but obviously it’s been quite tight. We won’t stop fighting for the issues that matter to us. We will make sure that we hold the Tory MP to account and what we are expecting to be a Tory government to account.


“We will not stop talking about climate change.”


However, Mrs Morton would not comment on the resignation of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and said perhaps the reason for fewer votes for Labour was due to the close vote on Brexit in Chichester.


Green party candidate Heather Barrie said she was pleased they were up by 25 per cent on the last election.


She said: “Obviously, we had really hoped that there would be more of a swing to the left and remain.


“I think Brexit just did take over. However, I think it was really evident that we were making environmental issues key to our agenda.”


Speaking to the Chichester Post after the results, Mrs Keegan said: “I am feeling relieved and elated. It’s unbelievable, every MP, no matter what the polls say, feel nervous until they get their results.


“I am very excited and privileged to be once again, able to represent Chichester in Westminster and hopefully we will get more than just Brexit done. We need to look at the NHS, social care, the A27 obviously, housing and infrastructure.


“We’ve also had a couple of schools that are in consultation, so I will continue to work with those schools so they can get a fair hearing.”




Gillian Keegan – 35,402 – 57.8%


Liberal Democrats
Kate O’Kelly – 13,912 – 22.7 %


Jay Morton – 9,069 – 14.8 %


Heather Barrie – 2,527 – 4.1%


Libertarian Party UK
Adam Brown – 224 – 0.4%


Andrew Emerson – 109 – 0.2%

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