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Goodwood staff dig deep to celebrate national tree week

It was just another day in the office for Goodwood staff, who grabbed their wellies and a spade to plant new trees across the 12,000 acre estate in Chichester.


The planting was done in a bid to help tackle climate change and protect precious wildlife habitats.


Around 300 employees are taking part in a huge woodland creation project – the largest of its type in the south of England. It involves 40 hectares of new plantations in 12 locations, and the planting of more than 78,000 trees.


The series of staff participation days coincided with National Tree Week, the UK’s annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.


Darren Norris, Goodwood’s head of forestry, commented: “We are just custodians, working to preserve the estate so looking after the trees is a vital part of the landscape for generations to come.


“This large-scale project is essential to stop the decline of our wooded areas as they are vitally needed to produce oxygen, maintain wildlife habitats and reduce pollution.”


Since the start of the year, more than 15,000 trees have been planted. Goodwood’s planting scheme includes softwood trees: western red cedar and Douglas-Fir, which are all in short supply in the UK and can be used for gate posts and cladding on the estate.


The tops of the firs are used for wood chippings to fuel the biomass boiler which powers the exclusive 10- bedroom Hound Lodge and private members clubhouse, The Kennels. In addition, traditional English trees such as oak, sweet chestnut, hawthorn, hazel, beech and field maple are all being planted across the estate.


Visitor travel makes up around 50 per cent of Goodwood’s carbon emissions.


Visitors to future flagship events can help offset their own individual footprint. A £1 donations is now available at the checkout stage when booking tickets. Donations will support projects including tree and hedgerow planting and rewilding across the Goodwood estate.

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