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Elkington ready for Box-Cup glory

Chichester’s Jasmine Elkington competes in the Women’s Winter Box-Cup this weekend fresh from a win.


The St Gerards senior got her skates on to claim a majority points win over Jade Childs on the Eastbourne Boxing Club’s show at Skateworld in the town last Saturday.


Elkington, 19, will compete in the class C under-54kg category (bantamweight) at the all-female tournament at the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre.


Coach Gerry Lavelle said: “This is her biggest test to date. She may have to box three times over the weekend but I believe she will persevere under adversity.


“She is a raw talent, ready to flourish sooner rather than later and to top it off the event is being filmed by BBC Sport.”


Elkington (55.1kg), having her third bout over three two-minute rounds, was up against the more experienced Childs (56.5kg), also 19 from the Lambton Street Boxing Club in Sutherland, who had ten contests under her belt.


Lavelle said: “I took the contest because I believe Jasmine is levels above her current number of contests and I knew she would cope with Jade.”


Elkington had a slow start to the first round as she tried to find her range before she began to catch her rivals with some big rear hands.


Childs was warned by the referee to keep her head up.


Lavell said: “I told her to keep everything long, to keep Jade’s head out of her face and too step up her work rate and bring some long uppercuts into play. After finding the correct range with her jab, she duly did so and was catching Jade with some real crackers but Jade was always in the mix.”


The order were for more of the same for the second round.


Childs was again warned to keep her head up in the third as she charged in trying to catch Elkington, who countered with some big back hand shots and showed some good movement off the ropes.


Lavelle was surprised one judge gave the bout to Childs.


He said: “Jasmine could well have had skates on by the way she glided around and in my eyes clearly took the third round as well. I really don’t know what they were watching but they were skating on thin ice as I see it.”

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