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The eye of the tiger with salon’s popular scheme

A unique after-school scheme at Q Hair and Beauty has proved its worth time after time in providing budding hair stylists with the ideal path to a rewarding career.


The Tiger Club has been the foundation for many of the successful stylists at the Chichester salon.


This scheme aims to teach all the basic aspects of hairdressing, from blowdrying, curling and braiding to learning and understanding the colour wheel, as well as upcoming trends that hit the catwalk.


The club meets every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm and is completely free of charge. All Q asks from young people taking part is the commitment to attend regularly, be willing to learn and have fun!


The purpose is to give a genuine and realistic insight into the hairdressing industry, with a view to helping students to make the right decision when the time comes for them to choose career options.


Joining the Tiger Club provides an opportunity to learn under supervision from top professionals and potentially secure themselves an apprenticeship with the benefit of having already developed advanced skills and technical ability.


Parents are encouraged to get to know the caring management and educators at Q so that they can be completely confident their child is making the right decision.


“We take great pride in the Tiger Club and in what our students have gone on to achieve,” says Dawn Lawrence Grant, Q’s managing director.


“When they proceed to an apprenticeship with us, we are always here to hand-hold during the early stages of the transition into working life for the student as well as the parents.”


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