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Review | Beginners Modern Calligraphy Pointed Nib Christmas Workshop

By Kelly Wickham
Beginners Modern Calligraphy Pointed Nib Christmas Workshop
Kirsten Burke – The Modern Calligraphy Company, The Old Poorhouse, Alandale Road, Birdham, Chichester PO20 7QN
01243 512845


Learning calligraphy is a craft I have always been interested in.


I travelled to Birdham to attend a pointed nib workshop with a Christmas twist and was surprised with what faced me.


Firstly, the converted barn building is just so perfect. It’s a haven, tucked away in a quiet woodland area. I was greeted by Maisie Minett, my instructor for the workshop and offered hot drinks and festive treats including gingerbread biscuits and mince pies.


Each participant, and with just eight of us, it was a perfect number, was presented with a clipboard full of worksheets, a nib, black ink, gold ink, a pencil, paintbrush and a unique, personalised bauble with our names lettered on (in calligraphy of course).


Maisie showed us how to use the nib, how to begin to write and tricks and tips from the trade. She gave everybody feedback as she toured the table, offering advice or praising us when we did a particularly good form.


There was a chance to practice with different styles once the basics had been learnt and then we all got to try out the gold ink which would add a festive touch to gift labels and cards.


Birdham-based The Modern Calligraphy Company is offering a variety of beginners’ workshops to learn this creative and relaxing hobby.


This Christmas they’ve partnered up with some local businesses to create some extra special festive workshops. For one workshop on Tuesday, November 26, you can find them at the Cowdray Estate to create some lovely Christmas crafts in splendid surroundings.


They’re also teaching Christmas calligraphy at Hedge Rose in Chichester on December 5 where you can learn some gorgeous lettering and create a wonderful centrepiece for the perfect Christmas table.


You’ll also find them at The Kennels Christmas Market at Goodwood where they’ll be selling calligraphy kits, artworks and books.


Maisie, Kirsten, Jill and the rest of the team are extremely welcoming, fantastic teachers and a delight to be with while relaxing and learning a new skill.

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