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Recruiting new Roman soldiers for half-term

By Kelly Wickham


It wasn’t just Halloween fun on offer for children this half-term, particularity for those visiting the Fishbourne Roman Palace.


Children got the chance to join the Fishbourne Roman Army at the Roman Palace.


After signing in with their name in Latin, they marched with a drill officer, got an army tattoo, joined in with sword practice and discovered what the soldiers ate and how they cured common ailments.


Once qualified, they received a certificate and their first day’s pay as a Roman soldier.


Betina Blake, marketing and admin coordinator at the palace said:


” Children enjoyed the chance to find out about life in the Roman Army.


“After signing in with the recruitment officer they had to march under the watchful eye of the drill commander. They then carried out lots of activities such as sword practice and tasting Roman food.


“Each visitor was diagnosed with a common medical problem and by visiting the medical officer, they could find a cure using herbs and plants available at the time.


Many families of all ages joined in the fun during this chilly half-term.”

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