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New plans to help the city’s economy

By Kelly Wickham


Cabinet members at Chichester District Council have approved important updates to its economic development strategy and introduced a new inward investment and growth strategy to help support district businesses and the local economy.


The updated economic development strategy sets out how the council aims to support local businesses in the Chichester area from 2020 to 2025.


It looks to build on the successes of the current strategy while also responding to a rapidly changing retail industry, direct feedback from district businesses, and the aims of the Chichester Vision and emerging rural town visions.


Key priorities for the updated economic development strategy include support for the district’s high streets and local businesses, and work that will encourage growth of indigenous businesses as well as investment into the district.


An important part of this work will be to deliver an inward investment and growth strategy for the district.


This strategy, which was also adopted by the council’s cabinet on Tuesday, will look to promote inward investment and support the economic use and development of existing and newly designated commercial land in the Chichester district.


The strategy outlines three main areas of focus, which will be developed and detailed in future action plans:


  • Marketing the district to businesses
  • Relationship development with landowners, developers, agents, existing businesses and other councils
  • A council-wide approach to supporting business growth and inward investment


“We are incredibly lucky that our district is a place in which businesses can really thrive,” said Cllr Martyn Bell, cabinet member for growth, place and regeneration at the district council.


“However, it is increasingly important in today’s challenging economic climate that we continue to support our local businesses as much as we possibly


“This is a key council priority, and our refreshed economic development strategy and new Inward investment and growth strategy will help us deliver this.


“Earlier this year, work was carried out to develop the newly adopted inward investment and growth strategy, including consultation with businesses in the district. This research has helped inform the strategy and shape its objectives and preferred approaches.


“What is important is that these strategies allows for flexibility so that we can quickly and efficiently react to change. This means that we can continue to respond to the developing needs of businesses within the district.”


The council will now develop detailed action plans for both strategies.


People can find out more about how the council supports businesses by visiting:

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