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Luke takes his Bow on his boxing debut

Fledging Chichester boxes Luke Bow has a bright future, coaches claim, after the 14-year-old claimed victory in his first ever fight.


The St Gerards Boxing Club member was pitched against Bognor boxer Samir Duvlogikov, who was wearing the Ockley boxers colours, in the bout.


The contest was set over three rounds in the junior category of England boxing rules.


The first round was pretty fast paced as both the lads tried to calm their nerves and find their given range.


Samir tried to pull him into a brawl. But Luke stood firm and relied on his defence to deflect a range of blows.


In the corner after the second round, coach Gerry Lavelle said: “I told Luke he was doing brilliant and was ahead on points,but he had to step up a gear,as Samir would come running for him.


“I also told Luke to keep it simple still, but look for some body shots if the opportunity arose.”


In the third and final round Luke came out all guns blazing,firing away accordingly,catching Samir at ease with some big power shots.


Samir was still engaging and trying his best to cope,but Luke was on fire and threw in some beautiful body shots that were very telling,


The St Gerards fighter gave himself more space for further long and very effective rear hand shots but Samir was still in it until the end, never giving up.


The three judges at ringside had Luke Bow the winner, giving him a unanimous decision on his maiden voyage into the world of amateur boxing.


Luke said: “I’m really grateful that Samir pushed me all the way and allowed the best version of me to perform under adversity. It was a great feeling when my hand was raised in victory and I can’t wait for my next contest.”


Gerry Lavelle said: “Luke was fantastic on his debut and has waited patiently for his first bout and I thought young Samir was a perfect test for him,


“He took to the game plan like a pro and can only improve in the coming years, if he stays on plan and puts in all the extra work required to be a true champion.”


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