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Letter to the editor | Waste disposal sites

Dear Editor,


I want to complain about the policy change to use the waste disposal sites – the new need for ID.


I live in West Sussex near the Hants border. It is easier to use the Havant site for waste disposal but from December 1 this will not be possible.


The policy change will not save money as people like myself will now have to use the Chichester site. In fact, it will cost more as someone has to be employed to check ID. Also, the impact on the environment will be negative as more people will be making longer journeys, adding to congestion around Chichester. It will also encourage fly tipping.


Or are the council bringing back a waste facility for those west of Chichester? Somehow, I doubt this.


This is a good example of not looking at the big picture and paying lip service to any environmental policy.


People should be encouraged to use the most appropriate facility. ID checking is just unnecessary bureaucracy.


Peter Davey

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