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Letter to the editor | Tangmere cricket pitch 2

Dear Editor,


I should like to raise an issue regarding the grants from the new homes bonus (parish allocations) award in relation to Tangmere, this was made apparent in the Chichester Post, dated October 25.


The particular issue is that of a grant being made under the scheme indicated above that I believe infringes Chichester District Council’s governance protocol and the Parish Allocations Document.


That is an award of £6,875 to “purchase some new equipment to maintain the cricket pitch”.


The following bullet points make my case for referral to the district council:


  • The grant will be spent on a lawn mower for the cricket pitch
  • The cricket pitch is fenced off and is effectively a restricted area of the village playing field, thus removing this area from public use
  • There is no Tangmere cricket team and hasn’t been for a few years now
  • The cricket pitch is only used by residents outside the village
  • The 2017/18 income stream from the hire of the cricket pitch to cricket teams from outside the parish produced an income of £1,079, costs of £1,000.37, leaving a profit of £78.63, as
  • declared by the parish clerk
  • The cutting of the cricket pitch is not definable as a “project”, it is an ongoing process
  • The person who acts as groundsman for the cricket pitch will be the sole user of the item to be purchased (lawn mower) funded by this grant. It is important to note that he is a member of the parish council, Chichester District Council and the county council
  • The grant for this purchase gained preference over other lower cost bids made by the parish council, including CCTV surveillance of the Tangmere skate park that has a problem with equipment abuse, anti-social behaviour and some drug taking
  • This grant is not to the benefit of parish infrastructure, rather it benefits a special interest group and an individual (district councillor) in particular. This could be viewed as disregard for district council protocol.


There are distinct issues regarding corporate governance and adherence to financial allocation protocols when looking at this particular grant that I believe should be of interest to the district council and must be addressed


Kind regards

Name and Address withheld

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