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Letter to the editor | Queries over the A27

Dear Editor


I am responding to provide information on the two main points in the letter sent by Gavin and Sue Barrett in the recent issue of Chichester Post, regarding the A27.


Some months ago, our Chichester MP met with the transport minister to discuss the proposed A27 bypass.


No mention was made at that time of the proposed A303 tunnel to alleviate traffic near Stonehenge. This is important to us as the £1.6bn payment for this proposed work was planned to be funded by a PFI contract (private finance).


There is, however, considerable uncertainty that this funding will be coming forward and thus monies would have to be found from the government for Highways England.


If this is the case and central government has to find the funds for Stonehenge and also cover the £3bn PFI required for the Lower Thames Crossing, then say goodbye to A27 Chichester bypass (as well as all other major projects in the south) as there will be no money left, for many years (I have been informed there will be no major new work in the south for 25 years).


Perhaps our MP needs to go back and ask again for a more constructive answer together with any timescales.


The second point relates to increased air-borne particulates. My PhD considered pollution in and around Chichester from the 14th century to the current period and related to calculating and establishing SO2 particulates from wood smoke in the early period, then coal and in modern time vehicle traffic (including pollutants from tyre wear).


I had data from the research for Southampton refinery and traffic monitors in Chichester and many government technical reports.


Although there are minor levels, the prevailing wind removes the majority of airborne particulates in this county to the upper atmosphere.


Yours sincerely
Dr. Anthony Preston MICE

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