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Letter to the editor | MP candidate responds to A27

Dear Editor


I would like to respond to Gavin and Sue Barrett’s letter published last week on the A27. Since the letter was published the Department of Transport has announced that there will be no new consultation and no funding for the road improvements. We risk being stuck with the appalling congestion and air pollution around our beautiful city.


As a community we will need to work together to find a solution that can be funded locally. Any improvements to the A27 should be seen in the wider context of an integrated transport solution.


As the county councillor for Midhurst I have been campaigning to reverse the damaging cuts to rural bus services. Without reliable and affordable public transport people are forced to use their cars. Buses, electric cars and cyclists still need safe and well designed roads. We need to look at the A27 solution alongside all the other road and cycling routes as we plan for the future.


For the record I supported the work of the Build A Better A27 and the council’s recommendations. While I didn’t believe that it was the MP’s job to choose the route for the A27 it was the MP’s job to support the community and support the official elected bodies when a consensus decision was made.


The councils and community can only take any proposed scheme so far. The reality was that Chichester was competing for limited resources with road schemes all over the country. It was the MP’s job to lobby for funds and press for the solution in Westminster.


Yours sincerely
Dr Kate O’Kelly
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate

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