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Letter to the editor | Liberal Democrat material

Dear Editor,


I am not surprised that Labour candidate Jane Towers would find Liberal Democrat election material concerning (Letters, November 15 ).


Bar charts showing the huge Lib Dem gains in this year’s local and European elections and leaving Labour trailing do indeed show that we are the only party with a chance of beating the Tories in Chichester. They reflect the polling and the recommendations of the main tactical voting websites.


The Liberal Democrats are the only opposition party competing with the Tories across the district and Dr Kate O’Kelly is the only parliamentary candidate actively campaigning across the whole constituency.


The public want an MP who will safeguard public services like the NHS against a deeply damaging Tory Brexit deal and US medical corporations; someone who will put constituents before a Westminster career.


In former GP, Dr Kate O’Kelly, residents have the best chance in any of our lifetimes to get rid of a Tory MP and to elect a local champion who will put Chichester first.


Yours sincerely,
Cllr Jonathan Brown

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