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Letter to the editor | Increase in food bank usage

Dear Editor,


I was shocked by your front page article on the increase in food bank usage in Chichester, probably one of the richest towns in the country if house prices – currently 11.5 times the average salary – are anything to go by.


More and more younger people are growing up in generation rent, destined to rent from private landlords for the rest of their lives never being able to afford to buy in the town they work in.


Young people leaving university with tens of thousands of pounds in debt before they’ve even started their careers. Large parts of our society are now living in an age of downward mobility where they are actually worse off than their parents’ generation.


As a society, I think we are actually going backwards to a new Dickensian age where poverty, destitution and homelessness leading to poor physical and mental health and in some cases suicide, is almost normalised, with those in power wedded to an ideology that has no answers to solve any of these issues.


I’m not advocating any particular party here (read between the lines) but if we want to be a decent, compassionate society we must address these massive issues of inequality.


Kind regards
Tom Kelly

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