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Letter to the editor | A27 options

Dear Editor


We have received and carefully read Dr Kate O’Kelly’s Liberal Democrat election leaflet in pursuit of her aim to replace Gillian Keegan as MP at the forthcoming general election.


One of the themes that Dr O’Kelly cites is headed “The A27 is choked” – going on to suggest that she would wish to see the “council’s preferred route (for the A27)” funded and delivered.


Dr O’Kelly does not mention that the route is, in fact, the infamous northern one, massively opposed by the majority of the general public in the BABA27 consultation, rejected by Highways England on numerous authoritative grounds, rejected outright by the South Downs National Park Authority and senior officials at the Department for Transport.


The council was evidently persuaded by the now disgraced leader of West Sussex County Council, Cllr Louise Goldsmith, and her lackeys into this appalling idea and, in spite of courageous stands against it, made by many members of Chichester District Council, including its then leader, Cllr Tony Dignum, this mad/bad policy was narrowly adopted – over-turning the public’s opposition to a northern bypass that would indisputably weaken the economy of Chichester, destroy some of the finest environment in the area and significantly add to the total of air-borne particulate pollution in the county through the well-attested magnetic pull of fast roads for increased total traffic.


Dr O’Kelly’s stance also seems to fly in the face of clear LibDem policy to promote greater usage of public transport, minimise or avoid new road building, and to discourage car-usage in the face of the global environmental catastrophe that draws ever nearer.


We trust that she will now disown, in unqualified terms, the misleading statement about the A27 in her leaflet and publicly state, via the media, that while she had previously sought to support the aborted northern route, she now realises that this is both against the public interest and the policies of her party.


Yours sincerely,
Gavin & Sue Barrett

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