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Improvements to roads needed to help pedestrians and cyclists

Improvements between Spitalfield Lane and St James Road in the city are being looked at as part of the A285 Westhampnett Road, Sustainable Transport Corridor.


This is part of a package of improvements to sustainable transport infrastructure and the Spitalfield Lane/St Pancras/Westhampnett Road and St James Rd/Westhampnett Road junctions.


This is a scheme that West Sussex County Council intends to deliver and an initial feasibility study was carried out in 2014 as part of the Strategic Transport Investment Programme.


The initial feasibility study identified potential improvements to the junctions and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.


The scheme is needed to alleviate the impact on the transport network arising from development of sites allocated in the Chichester Local Plan 2015.


Some of these sites are now being delivered and others are expected to come forward in the next five years. In addition to mitigating the impacts of development, the scheme will also provide wider community benefits by enhancing sustainable transport infrastructure for existing users of the corridor.


Due to the proximity of the River Lavant which passes under Westhampnett Road in a culvert, further feasibility work and engagement with the Environment Agency has been necessary before the next design stage.


This work, which has included traffic and topographical surveys and flood modelling, is nearing its conclusion and it is anticipated next steps for the project and a timetable which will include consultation and all necessary statutory processes will be outlined in early 2020, following the conclusion of the further feasibility work. The next stage for the project is the preliminary design stage.


The scheme is expected to be funded using a combination of developer contributions and funding from other sources that will need to be identified together with resources to manage the preliminary design stage. In 2018, the county council submitted an application for funding from the DfT’s National Productivity Investment Fund which was unsuccessful. The council is currently considering other potential funding options for the scheme.

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